This coming month of September 2022, it will be thirty years since Ramon Castells, draftsman by profession, founded Designplast. In a premise of the small town of Vic, in 1992 he opened what would become a product design studio specialising in plastic design.

At that time, however, he started with the design of plastic injection molds, an activity where that time had a great scope. And although it has continued over time, it has been losing weight due to the diversification of the company and economic currents that have changed the type of industry on our continent.

Despite being a reference in the plastic industry thanks to its knowledge, Designplast works with other types of materials. It continuously adapts to the needs of customers by analyzing which solution is the most suitable for each project; this happens through the materials, the manufacturing process, and the most suitable manufacturers for each product.

For many years, the main economic sectors have been automotive and ventilation. But in recent years, with the addition of his daughter Cristina, a product and packaging engineer, he has diversified and acquired other sectors such as cosmetics, medical technologies, food, and others. This diversification has materialized with such interesting projects for the medical industry as smartwatches that detect strokes or fully recyclable and biodegradable cosmetic packaging designs.

For some years now, Designplast has become part of several associations in which it has contributed its knowledge to develop new products and projects. The most recent addition is the BCN Medicare Industrial Hub, a multidisciplinary association in which projects in the field of medical technologies are developed and delivered turnkey.

So we can say that it has been thirty years of design and changes but without ever losing the know-how that identifies Designplast, efficiency, methodology, and good design.