We are one of the leading reference points for packaging companies in Barcelona.

Since 2016, structural packaging has been one of our specialities and something that has defined us as a company. We have a department dedicated exclusively on packaging design, And we are focused on improving products and food containers for our clients, always according to their specific needs.

This has placed us, in a short time, as one of the leading packaging companies in the Barcelona province. We are happy to work with different kind of materials, plastic, wood, metal or glass.
We will offer a complete structural packaging design for specific products. We usually work, on food, cosmetics as well as perfumery, but we can adapt to any sector. All with the aim to keep costs low, and avoid overstepping deadlines.


What kind of possibilities can we offer you as a packaging company?

As a packaging company in the Barcelona province, As a packaging company in the Barcelona province, we have much to say about structural packaging. You will find a professional team accustomed to working within limited timeframes as well as keeping innovation at the forefront of their minds. If you have a good design, you will find this makes all difference between in contributing to the growth and reputation of your brand. Don’t be misled, the minor details really do count! With the competitive market we have today well designed packaging has become in a must.

It is very important to keep in mind that creating good packaging will strongly enhance your image and strengthen your brand identity allow to well recognised on the supermarket shelves, which will inevitably benefit your company commercially and economically.

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A basic pillar of our brand identity, structural packaging, the other face of Designplast

 Everything we will do if you decide to place your trust in us!

We can work with any dimension you can think of! We take care about of printing the logo design or graphic image. If you have any questions about a design, our professional team will brainstorm ideas with you until they come up with the best solution for your or needs. It’s that simple!

We take care of the whole process until your idea is a reality! You do not have to worry about a thing, this is what we do!

You just have get in contact with us and we will get started!


En Designplast estamos deseando conocer su proyecto y que descubra como trabajamos, nuestra metodologia, nuestros proyectos…

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