What does it mean to be a design consultant?

A design consultancy consists that the experts analyze and understands the needs of the company, creating and developing improvements in terms of graphics products and creative perceptions. This requires certain features of the design consultant, which are more profitable in these cases.

We are a design consultancy, which we are dedicated to engineering and product design. We aim to reduce costs in manufacturing by optimizing the design, thanks to the extensive experience we have, the great knowledge of the market, and the local manufacturing.


How do we do it?

We have almost 30 years in the industry sector and a long experience in the world of plastics.

With all this time, we have been designing and we continue to design the products so apart from aesthetic and functional they have a geometry, which, the tools are more economical.

The experience we have has led us to have a great knowledge of the market, and to be up to date with news and changes in the market, adapting to the needs and circumstances.

Thanks to the network of local suppliers we can guarantee a better quality of the product, speed in the delivery, and better costs in toolings, molds, matrices, systems of control… between 10-15% in comparison in Asia.

consultoria designplast

We introduce ourselves as a design consultancy to reduce manufacturing costs.

If you have any doubt, contact us.

If you have any doubt about how we manage the consultancy, just contact us by phone or using the form on this website. Our customer service department will offer you personalized attention and advise you on everything you need.

To trust on us is to bet in the peace of mind of knowing that you are working with true professionals in the engineering and design of industrial products. Don’t waste more time!


En Designplast estamos deseando conocer su proyecto y que descubra como trabajamos, nuestra metodologia, nuestros proyectos…

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