Outsourcing is the best tool for companies when it comes to outsourcing services.

We have a lot of experience in the field of subcontracting since we have been offering this service to companies for more than ten years.

As a product design company, we offer companies subcontracting services with specialized technicians in this field, thus providing optimal service.

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Outsourcing In house, our strength

At Designplast we are a company dedicated to outsource our engineering and product design services to companies that need support in their technical department or simply need a specialised one. For a few years, we have also offered in-house outsourcing, that is, within the facilities of the company that requests it.

Thanks to the incorporation of our specialised technicians to the company, it benefits from a significant cost reduction since it saves a whole stage of personnel training and obtains a better overall performance thanks to their experience. In addition, this option allows greater flexibility within the organization that allows you to apply talents and resources in other strategic sectors of the company as well as a reduction in fixed costs.

In house outsourcing

Designplast adapts to the needs and objectives of companies that want to have an outsourcing relationship with us.

Do we get to work on an in-house outsourcing?

If you have any question about how we manage in house outsourcing, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our customer service department by telephone or through the application form which you will find on this webpage. It will offer you personalised attention and advise you on everything you need.

Opting for us is opting for peace of mind knowing you are working with real professionals in engineering and industrial product design, So let’s not waste any more time!

En Designplast estamos deseando conocer su proyecto y que descubra como trabajamos, nuestra metodologia, nuestros proyectos…

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