What is a turnkey project that we carry out in our industrial design studio?


Turnkey projects are those which the company commits with a client to commence an industrial project from beginning to end.

At Designplast, we have a lot of experience in these kind of projects and over time through our team professionalism; we have become one of the leading industrial design studios in Barcelona, Catalunya.

What steps do Designplast take in Turnkey Projects?

First of all, we take care of the setting up, always following the guidelines and specifications set before with the client including a priori:technical drawings, prototypes, 3D modelling

Then our partners come into play, they will take care of the process of product fabrication or the goods at hand. Once complete, we carry out all needed quality controls to guarantee adherence to set regulations. Nobody likes last minute unpleasant surprises, so for this reason is very important do it this part of process well.

After that, we can do structural packaging and labelling, for these tasks we have a designer and an experienced team of graphic specialists.

We will deliver the project within established deadlines without any complications. Such is strength of our business.

Estudio de diseño industrial Barcelona

We have spent years doing design and turnkey projects for many national companies.

Why choose Designplast as an industrial design studio?

Because our experience as industrial design specialists for many different kind of products and goods is amply demonstrated. Our has allowed us to work on a multitude of projects based on this working methodology, turnkey projects, and we have worked for many companies in different industrial sectors.

Explain to us what you need and we will make it happen! This is what we do! Trust in Designplast if you want a project that will be done the right way!

En Designplast estamos deseando conocer su proyecto y que descubra como trabajamos, nuestra metodologia, nuestros proyectos…

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