diseño packaging bcn

1. Initial brainstorming and pooling of ideas

Brainstorming sessions provide an innovator boost where we extract creative ideas. Thanks to that, combining and improving those ideas, we get to extract an attractive concept which we will develop in later stages.

diseño packaging Girona

2. Design and product concept

When we have a clear idea, we start with the concept draft, always looking for concrete shapes and focused on aesthetics. The most important thing is get a product both aesthetic and functional, and for that we combine all the analysis points. We consider the user experience, functionality and costs for construct a completed final product.

diseño packaging Cervera

3. Engineering and CAD 3D

With our engineering team we develop the product from a technical point of view and we find solution for a good operation and production. Once this is done and with a defined product, we through to develop it with CAD 3D.

4. Prototyping and 3D printing

Before manufacture, we will make a prototype of a part o product with our 3D printer, with the purpose to testing all the though concepts and technical solutions.

5. Follow up production

Together with our providers network, we can offer a complete service with a production and assembly of the product. We do an exhaustive follow up of the investment and of the start of production, of each product we design.

6. Render and animations

3D Animations and visualizations make product design something attractive, visual and realistic. They contribute in a direct way to a best commercialization on that product.

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