We are experts in industrial product design; we will provide you with exactly what need.

Customised product design is our speciality. We usually work with automotion and cosmetics companies, always following the current regulations in each case.

In addition to this we are focused on parts design for the ventilation sector, meeting the needs for the best brands in the country. Worthy of note is that our services go much further than product design, so we can take care of your structural packaging needs with minimal fuss.

As a product design company, we take care of the whole process, from conception and first draft to delivering of the final product, alleviating hassle for the client.

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Customised industrial product design due according to 3D models

Our methodology is simple and clear, we develop the idea with you the client, which clearly defines the needed objective. After this we can then begin looking for the best solution, always thinking about aesthetics, functionality and cost. Once we have the product defined, we implement it with a 3D program, where we will a see a more realistic result. For test shapes and assemblies, first of all, we develop a prototype part. Once approved, we draw up a draft for future production. Naturally we keep you, the client informed you of the progress, always working in coordination with your team.

Worth noting would be to keep in mind that a 3D model, with good rendering, can be used in advertising campaigns, adverts in the media and social networks.

diseño industrial de productos a medida

Designplast adapts customer needs and objectives in an entire personalized form when designs industrial products.

Do we get to work on your customised product?

If you have any question about a project, idea or product, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our customer service department by telephone or through the application form which you will find on this webpage. It will offer you personalised attention and advise you on everything you need.

Opting for us is opting for peace of mind knowing you are working with real professionals in engineering and industrial product design, So let’s not waste any more time!

En Designplast estamos deseando conocer su proyecto y que descubra como trabajamos, nuestra metodologia, nuestros proyectos…

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