Project Description


Redesign of a packaging for cheesecake that has been designed to improve it in terms of sustainability. The main changes applied have been, first of all, the material, which goes from PP to PLA, a biodegradable material; Secondly, the structural design, a custom design has been made in which the geometry has been optimized, until now a standard packaging was used which did not fit the product, which entailed a great cost in terms of logistics.

Our client, a traditional company that uses grandmother’s recipes to make delicious desserts, has inspired us to create the aesthetics of the packaging. A design that reminds us of the old pantries, a container where cheeses and butter were stored.

This is an inclusive product since the product can be read in Braille, making it easier for people with visual disabilities to identify the product on the shelf.
This is a disposable product but with its design, we encourage the user to reuse it as a lunch box for other foods.

Watch the video.

Client: Postres Masgrau.