Project Description


Door handles are a very strong point of contagion, so at Designplast we have developed a door opener designed exclusively to combat the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The objective of this product is to remove the contact of the hands with the door handle and in this way avoid the spread of coronavirus by this way. Its use is based on opening the door with the forearm with the help of this opener.

The fixing of this product to the door handle is done through two flanges, or three if the door is very heavy and double-sided tape. In order for the user to know how to use the product, it is convenient to stick these instructions on the door.

For doors with cylindrical knob we have created an adapter that also has an easy assembly with double-sided tape and a flange, its operation is the same as in the conventional door opener. Both openers are made of injected ABS, making it a strong and durable protection element.

This PPE is ideal for areas with a continuous circulation of people where the spread of coronavirus can be very easy, such as public toilets, offices, hotels, camping sites, schools, neighborhood communities…

Designplast distributes more protection elements through this website.