Vic’s engineering, Designplast, is part of a newly created hub for medical technology companies. They are companies with added value each in its field that complements each other by the type of product they manufacture and that joins efforts to provide a global service that “allows us to enter the market with force” according to Cristina Castells, of Designplast.

The know-how of the Catalan industry in the service of health, BCN Medicare Industrial hub, has had the support of the Chamber of Commerce for its creation. A turning point in their career should be the World Medical Forum in Düsseldorf (Germany), which will take place from 15 to 18 November and where they will be present.

Designplast, born in the early nineties of the last century as a factory of molds for the injection of plastics, has evolved into engineering, where they, design plastic parts for different sectors (ventilation, cosmetics, or automotive). In recent years they have begun to make their way in the healthcare field by designing containers for dental implants, a sterilized gauze meter, or a liquid silicone mold. They see that there’s a niche market both in Spain and in other European countries, and in the alliance with six other BCN Medicare companies, they have found the best way to continue on the path.

Designplast currently employs four workers and has an annual turnover of around 200,000 euros.