The 3e method is a work process that represents the values, essence and way of working of Designplast. This system is created in order to optimize the entire value chain in the product development process, from the conceptual and engineering phase to the delivery of the finished product. But what do these 3e mean? Efficiency, Economic and Ecological.

3e: Efficiency

In Designplast, we work efficiently; When we have a project, we look for the best and fastest solution but develop the project in detail. Efficiency is in the DNA of our company, so we work to make our products in this term, as well conceptually as manufacturing and logistics.

3e: Economical

Our design methodology is thought at all times so that the customer saves on manufacturing costs. We know the manufacturing processes very well, so when we design systems or products, we always have them in mind. Therefore, without ever neglecting aesthetics, we optimize the geometry so that the processes and tools to manufacture the product in question are more cost-effective for our customers.

3e: Ecological

80% of the environmental impact of certain products is created during the early stages of design. That’s why we always design with our eyes set on the environment, it’s a problem that affects us all, and we all need to remedy it. When developing a product, we always advise the most suitable material, and at the time of manufacture, we always have local and trusted producers.

The products resulting from this method have a differentiating point that benefits both the customer and the environment.

If you think the 3e method is a great system and would like to apply it to your products, you may contact us, and we will advise you on how to achieve this.