The time invested in developing a product from conceptualization to the point of sale is very diverse. Different factors determine whether a product can reach the market in six months or two years.

One of the main factors is the complexity of the product. Development time is prolonged if the product requires a high level of technical demand in which several disciplines are involved.

The second factor is decision making. Generally, companies have a hierarchical organization, the bigger the company, the more weight this hierarchy has. So many times, the person in charge of establishing contact with the design or engineering studio is an intermediate rank and does not have final decision-making power. The final decision-making; comes after many meetings with other members of the team or with superiors.

The third factor is manufacturing, both tooling and mass production. In this case, there can be several causes that affect the manufacturing and consequently delay the project.

  • One of the causes may be an accumulation of projects by the manufacturer.
  • It can also happen that there is a lack of raw materials and, it is not possible to make progress in manufacturing.
  • Depending on which tooling, for example, injection moulds, it can take between 2 and 3 months to manufacture.

Finally, a last factor can be the subsequent modifications of the design. Once the prototype is made, then is decided if they should make some adjustments to the product design.

As you can see, several causes can lead to an extension of the development of a product, but why is it ideal and what are the benefits of starting a product in September?

The last quarter of the year begins after a period of disconnection and is used to plan actions to be carried out the following year.

Although, as already mentioned at the beginning, the length of the project can be extended for various reasons, it is good to start in September because the entire design phase is usually complete before the end of the year. In this way, in the year, the product will be able to go on the market.

In addition, after a period of disconnection and relaxation, it is proven that you work more creatively and effectively. In other words, the designer will be much more inspired to create new and more innovative projects.

So, if a company wants to have a product or design competitive and innovative, and has good development planning; September is the best time of the year to start thinking about promoting the creation of this product that will increase your sales.